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  1. owenske3 says:

    I’d love to try this pie for thanksgiving. What did you think of it? Any tips? Thank you!


    1. theforkawakens says:

      Whoops! Sorry for the LATE response, but I don’t keep up with this blog anymore. Yes, this pie is totally worth the effort. I made the recipe (2 pies) for Thanksgiving AND Christmas 2016. Tips… At Christmas, I tried to get away with not making the crust from scratch, and it was a mistake. The crust takes work, but it’s worth it. (Just make sure you work quickly with the dough when it’s out of the fridge.) The recipe calls for condensed milk, instead of calling it sweetened condensed milk, which slightly annoyed me. You can make your own crème fraîche with buttermilk and whole milk. And, during actual holidays, it’s helpful to make the filling and pie crusts ahead of time. Hope this finds you someday!


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